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An Update on our Email for Life Security and Older Email Clients

We previously announced in May that we were making some changes to our Email for Life security settings and how it may affect those of you who use older email clients to access your messages. To enable users with older clients to have continued service for a period of time, we reverted the changes but noted that we would continue rolling out these required security changes later this year.
In the first week of October, we will be fully rolling out these security changes to all Email for Life services. We would urge all our Email for Life customers to update your operating systems and email clients to the latest versions to guarantee future compatibility.
As a guide, the following email client versions and later should be considered the minimum requirements:
Outlook 2003 on Windows 8.1
Outlook 2016 on OSX 10.11
MacMail on OSX 10.12
Mail on iOS 11
Mail on Android 5
For the technical among you, if your email client supports TLS version 1.2 you should see no disruption to your service via an email client.
If you require any support on this matter or have any questions, please send a message to our Helpdesk support team via the normal support routes available through your Email for Life service.
Thank you.

Originally Written: 16-Sep-2022 15:21, Last Updated: 16-Sep-2022 15:30

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