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An alias is another email address that belongs to your account. When an email is sent to your alias, it is delivered to your main email address.

To edit your aliases, just log in to the 'My Account' dashboard, and click on the 'manage aliases' link next to the displayed number of aliases you currently have.  It will look something like this:

            + 3 Aliases (manage aliases)

Your account will come with at least one free alias on our free account, or more if you have a paid account. These additional aliases can be useful for when names change after marriage or if you wish to have a disposable address for less trusted contacts.

Aliases are like giving your house a name. For example, let's say your address is 9 Colne Road, but you have put up a sign calling it The Orchard. Your address is still 9 Colne Road, and your post will still be delivered there, but it is also known as The Orchard.

You can update an alias as much as you want, but when you update it, it will delete the old one. If email is then sent to the old alias, it will be bounced back to the sender. The new alias will work straight away.

You can also set up your account to send emails from your alias by using multiple identities.