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How do I use message highlighting?


**Note: Message highlighting is not available in New Webmail, and the below help guide only applies to Old Webmail**


Message highlighting is a way of making certain emails, or emails from particular senders stand out more. It means that when you look at your inbox or folders, those emails will be highlighted in any colour you choose - making them more visible for you.

In Webmail, go to Options > Message Highlighting. Click on the little plus icon next to Add Rule.

Choose a name for your rule to describe it, such as: Emails from Work, Family, etc.

Now you just need to choose the conditions for your rule, selecting the field in which you wish to match again. For example, if you choose From, it will look for matches in the email address.

In the box labelled Matches, you can put in the whole subject or email address, or just part of it, such as the company name. (E.g., nhs,, etc.)

Now you can choose the colour you want the messages to be highlighted in, by typing it in the box, clicking on one of the colours shown, or selecting the one you want from the drop down box

In the box next to Colour, you need to write in a colour's hex code, rather than the name. If you don't know what hex code is, just ignore it and use the other options.

Once you are happy, just click Save Changes.

You can add more than one rule if you wish, and have emails from different people or companies in a different colour.

To delete a rule, under Message Highlighting where you can see a list of your rules, just click on the red cross next to the one you wish to delete.