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I can't send/receive emails from my mail client/phone.

Check your account type

If you are repeatedly informed that your username/password is invalid despite it being entered correctly, it could be that you have an account without IMAP/POP3 access which is what allows you to access your email from a program such as Outlook or from a mobile phone.

You can find out if your account has this enabled by logging in to the 'Your Account' dashboard, and clicking on the Your (X) account on the left hand panel under EMAIL SERVICES.

If you have the correct account type, you will see something like this:

                 + IMAP / POP / SMTP access included (setup guide)

at the bottom of the box containing the account in question.  If not, you will see this:

                 + Webmail access only (No POP / IMAP / SMTP access)

If you wish to upgrade your account to include this feature, you can do so by clicking on the 'Upgrade' button on the same page.


Check username and password fields even where 'optional'

In your client's account settings, you need to make sure the username and password are filled in even if it says the information is optional.


Change port number 

If you can receive emails but are unable to send them, check your outgoing server settings.  If the port is 25, try changing it to 26.   Some ISPs block port 25 to try and cut down on the amount of spam sent from their networks.  Changing it to 26 usually circumvents this, though in some instances port 26 will also be blocked, and port 587 should be tried instead. 


Contact us 

If none of the solutions here have worked for you, please contact our help desk at, with your email address, the full error message you are receiving, and as much information as possible about what is happening and when.