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How do I change my email address or username?

If your personal details have changed (for example, after getting married), you may wish to change your email address to reflect this.


Before looking at altering your ‘primary’ address though, you might consider adding or using one of your aliases as an extra email address.  This can be especially useful if you would like to retain your old address in case you are still contacted on it.

You can add an alias by going to My Account > Manage Aliases.

You can also set up your account to send from your alias by using Multiple Identities.  This enables you to choose which address to send from using a drop down menu in the compose window.

You can also go to Options > Personal Information and enter your preferred email address as the 'Reply-To' address, and set a default one to appear on outgoing email.

This method is the simplest and minimises disruption to your account.

Email Address Change

If you still wish to update your email address, please contact our helpdesk from your alternative email account with details of what you would like it changed to.

After we start the process, it will take 24 hours before it is switched over.  Once it is completed, a temporary alias of your old address will be automatically created for 30 days to give you a chance to inform your contacts about your new one.

Once the change has been completed, you will need to go to OPTIONS and enter your new email address into the 'E-mail Address' field (if you are using the basic options page) or to OPTIONS > PERSONAL INFORMATION and change the appropriate field there (if you are using the full options page).  Otherwise replies to your emails will still go to your previous address.

You will receive an automatic email confirmation at the start, and the next day when it completes.


PLEASE NOTE:   If you already own the email address in question as an alias but wish to use it as your primary account, then the alias will need to be changed or removed before we can begin, as the system will not allow use of an address that is already in use.  

Emails sent to your alias address during these 24 hours will bounce back to the sender.

Username Change

The procedure for changing your username is the same as for your email address, except the change is immediate rather than taking place the next day.  It has no affect on your email address.