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Outage recovery continues [RESOLVED]

[22:25] - Thanks for your patience on this. We have recovered the web servers but the mail servers are backed up. We're waiting for them to settle. Login will not work until they do. We will keep you informed as we go. 

[22:35] - Mail stores are now coming up. You should be able to access your accounts now or within the next few minutes. Nearly fully recovered. 

[22:50] - We have been online and monitoring for the last 10 minutes and systems seem fine again. Our sincere apologies for the outage this evening. 

[23:25] - We have had reports of some users continuing to have problems and have been investigating why this might be. Please bear with us. 

[23:45] - The affected accounts (about 15 reports) have been tested and appear to be working. No clear reason why they were not before, possibly just a little slower than the others to recover after the outage. We should be all ok now but will keep monitoring. 

Originally Written: 04-Oct-2012 22:18, Last Updated: 27-Oct-2014 11:40

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